Professional Water Heater Services in Las Vegas, NV

Are you having Cold showers that were meant to be hot? Not on our watch.

Pirate Plumbing provides professional water heater repair and installation services in and around Las Vegas, NV.

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Your Water Heater Crew in Las Vegas, NV

You might not give a whole lot of thought to your hot water heater — especially when it is doing its job. But if you find that your current water heater is beginning to waver or if you are looking to replace your current system with a brand new tankless water heater, Pirate Plumbing can help.

What are the signs that I need water heater repair?

There are a couple of things you can look out for that would suggest you may need your water heater to be repaired. These include:

You find that your water temperatures are inconsistent.

The water coming from your tap appears to be discolored and rusty

Your water heater system is making unusual noises

If you notice any of these signs, whether it is water discoloration or cold showers that were meant to be hot — please don't wait. You can contact the crew at Pirate Plumbing today, and our team will help make sure it is smooth sailing for you when it comes to your water heater repairs. We can provide repairs for all different brands of water heaters, and you can trust that we will be honest about your system diagnosis — we will never try to sell you something that you do not need.

Water Heater Installation in Las Vegas, NV

Are you thinking about a new water heater? Perhaps your water bill is quite high, or you are not satisfied with your existing water heater? Maybe you are interested in some of the benefits of a tankless water heater? Whatever the case, the Pirate Plumbing crew is sailing to your needs.

Water heater repair by Pirate Plumbing in Las Vegas

Please tell me some of the benefits of a tankless water heater.

You get hot water on-demand. A Tankless water heater provides a continuous stream of hot water exactly when you need it. No more waiting for the water to heat fully — you will get hot water straight away.

You only use it when it is needed. This means that you can conserve more energy because your water heater is not continuously running to ensure your water can stay warm. A tankless water heater is instant, which means that it only comes on when needed — meaning that you can save on your energy costs.

They are built to last. Because lots of tankless water heaters have replaceable parts, they can be better for the environment because the system is not needed to be replaced entirely, and they are built with durable materials.

They are compact to help save you space. Your tankless water heater can take up a small space on a wall of your home, meaning that you can get space back in your basement or bathroom.

How can Pirate Plumbing help?

The crew at Pirate Plumbing will correctly install a new tankless water heater installation from any manufacturer of your choice. If you have been wondering about your water heater installation or what might be best for your home and your needs, our expert technicians will be happy to assist you.

New water heater installation

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